With its 15 thousand square meters production and dyeing facility situated on 75 thousand square meters of land, Dynamo manufactures 12 million meters of fabric annually.

Personnel who are qualified and experienced in state-of-the-art systems work with the materials chosen for use at the facility. This is the secret behind the high-quality fabrics manufactured by Dynamo.

The operation of the facility is based on a three-shift system, and offers reactive, sulphur-based, indigo, and antique dyeing services.

The main elements which distinguish this brand are naturally-mixed and cotton fabrics.

Fashion is a discipline that requires continuous rebirth. Globally, Dynamo has been offering trendsetting collections since 1991, and the company owes its success to its experienced team, its innovative perspective, and its cutting-edge multi-cultural designers.

For more than 20 years, Dynamo has prioritized both customer and employee satisfaction. The company’s 200 contract employees, high-quality production capacity, investments in technological infrastructure, and effective supply chain management, have enabled the company to sustain its success.

Quality, flexibility, and a strong sense of responsibility to its customers…

By investing in a fabric dyeing and production facility in Luleburgaz, Dynamo has made it possible for experienced, qualified personnel to work with quality raw material while using state-of-the-art production technology, and to manufacture products of the highest quality.

The ready-made group established by the brand in 2009, nearly 20 years ago, makes it possible to deliver timely, first-class service to leading textile firms.