Certifications and Standards


Started Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification


Started Better Cotton Platform membership


Started Higg Index FEM/2018 self-assessment and verification


Started GOTS, GRS, OCS, RCS certification


Started SLCP self-assessment and verification


Started Sedex Smeta 4 Pillar audits.


Started ZDHC WasteWater Reporting on Gateway


Started Cotton Trust Protocol membership

Dynamo Pillars

  • Employee well-being and talent development
  • Sustainable Raw Materials
  • Dynamo Code of Conduct
  • Technical Qualitiy
  • Ethical Manufacturing
  • Traceability / Transperancy

Technical Development

1997 : ETP

Starting from establishment of Dynamo Mill, we have always proceed with ways in sustainability. Our Biological ETP has started processing as our mill which kept our discharged water quality higher the Legal Requirements and with compliance with the International Standards, which is now ZDHC.

2014: Caustic Retrieval

When, the Caustic Retrieval Plant taken into process, 50% of the caustic used is regained and this also caused a 35% reduction in the acid used in the ETP for neturalization.

2021: Machinery

With the improvements and renewal in the machinery, the water consuption is decreased by 30% which reinforced our footsteps through sustainability.

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From the beginning, Dynamo has always prioritized both customer and employee satisfaction. The company’s 200 contract employees, high-quality production capacity, investments in technological infrastructure, and effective supply chain management, have enabled the company to sustain its success.

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